Impactful Innovation

Regulated technology solutions
for retail and enterprise with a
focus on payments and
capital markets



Who are we?

We’re the London-based parent company of a number of operating subsidiaries in the UK (Edex Payments Limited – FCA authorised) Abu Dhabi, UAE (FiveIQ Limited) and Zagreb, Croatia (Five Islands Investments D.O.O.).


What do we do?

We develop innovative technology platforms focused on delivering products for both the retail and enterprise financial services sectors, with a focus on payments and capital markets.


What makes us tick?

Technology. It’s a means to an end – and not an end in itself.  That it exists to connect, protect and empower people, businesses & their communities and it is against that benchmark that success must be judged.

Technology built to enhance

Keeping up with industry and consumer demand for speed, security, traceability and transparency is core to our platform architecture. We’ve developed proprietary technology to enhance transaction processing and reporting in real-time as well as supporting conduct culture. Our technology enhances the customer proposition and creates the opportunity to develop new markets whilst building in scalable and economic efficiencies to operations.

Core design areas

Our technology has been built with speed, convenience, access, security and business efficiency in the core design.

Financial Instruments

Tokenised financial instruments such as stocks, ETF’s and other regulated securities.


Real-time Conversion

Real-time and direct conversion of one exposure to another without the need to execute a position.

Fractional Trading

Creating new markets by enabling customers to purchase fractional exposure to securities.


Integrated Payments

Enabling customers to purchase goods and services directly over payment networks with digitised financial securities.

Capital Markets 24/7

Offers 24/7 global capital market access regardless of traditional trading hours.


Treasury and Ledgers

Fully integrated ledger and treasury systems to streamline back office infrastructure and processes.

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