seamlessly integrating trading, execution
and risk
 providing a unique set of
capabilities to the customer.



Technology is not only generally shrinking the world by connecting and accelerating – but also by opening up markets and investment opportunity unavailable to many people 

Over the last few years challenger entrants to the financial services industry have generally gained market share by creating more seamless customer solutions and reduced friction of access through disintermediation.  The traditional centralised financial model is rife with pain and multiple layers of value extraction – and that is even before any cross-border dimension is introduced to the relationship.

Innovation can widen accessibility to new products and markets by cutting through those layers of infrastructure. FinTech solutions that combine an intuitive and simple digital consumer experience with speed, safety and efficiency are increasingly eroding traditional customer inertia – particularly across younger demographics.

We are committed to building those decentralised solutions – which grow exponentially as more people naturally choose to gravitate to them.

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