AVNYU, our launch application, is the first to enable a wide range of consumers to fully access the equity markets.

It democratises participation and simplifies payments. It is the first practical articulation of our vision of technology which puts people at the very centre: designed to be simple, intuitive and quick.

It is unique in using blockchain proprietary technology that allows retail access and flexible trading, where your money is protected from credit risk (but not market performance) and where payments can be made instantaneously in less than a few clicks.  Account opening takes less than 5 minutes.

AVNYU™ will only be available for download to consumers in authorised jurisdictions, in compliance with local law and regulation and subject to our full product terms and conditions of use.


It’s time to call closing time on the practices of the past and look
to innovation and change that puts people first.

The days of limited access to savings and investments due to high cost, barriers to entry and disinterest from a financial services sector which is both bloated and rent seeking are over.



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