Five Islands will fund charitable foundations in communities across
all our active markets as a core component principle of our
business operating model.

Grants will be targeted at improving financial education, literacy and widening market inclusion.  Our flagship launch application, AVNYU, has people empowerment at the very heart of its DNA.

We will also support social rehabilitation and reintegration – for example through financial grant support for released prisoners so that they have a real chance to return as constructive and engaged citizens as opposed to checking out of the gates with no realistic choice but to reoffend.


Everyone should have the opportunity to be part of a globally
connected financial ecosystem.

Innovative technology, less reliance on fixed local infrastructure and a transition to mobile as an enabler of access coupled with improved education can catalyse that mission: from great metropolitan areas such as Manchester or Mumbai to villages in the Maasai Mara or Medog County, China.


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