Technology resilience is the new frontier
in corporate security. Proactive defences
to combat evermore sophisticated attempts
to breach security are business critical.



Digital technology has revolutionised our economy and
social interactions in the last decade, transforming the
way we do business.

New channels have emerged for communicating with colleagues and customers, buying and selling products, and sharing our data.  As more and more people use the internet day-to-day, execution speed has accelerated and the sheer volume of financial interactions have grown exponentially.  This trend shows no signs of relenting.

While of widespread benefit to many, this revolution has led to technical vulnerabilities in our systems and confusion due to rapid business change, making us much more vulnerable to the activities of malicious cyber criminals.


But technology which does not empower customers and employees
fails to account for the core security vulnerability: people.

It’s no longer possible to simply react to cyber-attack events as they happen – and systems can mislead. Traditional intrusion detection systems and firewalls are not sufficient against determined cyber criminals operating at this global scale.

Whilst the emphasis has been on addressing technical vulnerabilities it only takes one click on a phishing email to unwittingly launch a rogue code behind carefully crafted lines of defence.  And if it was obvious that an email was a phishing email most employees wouldn’t open it in the first place!

Five Islands is using blockchain and cryptographic encryption to enhance security, manage risk and protect data integrity in order to make online activity much safer. 

While there is a constant battle in facing this exponential rise in threats and the growing potential impact of these financial and data losses, Five Islands invests in and provides support to businesses by deploying solutions that are secure by design and which put people at their core. The very way the technology functions aims to ensure that a resistant barrier to system onslaughts is raised but which also complements and supports a strong safety culture – which is critical to organisational security.

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