Modular Technology
 for Financial Services

Infrastructure components for
front-end client services and
back office.


Modular technology solutions
 financial services 

Built on API’s and microsystem architecture providing scalability and economic benefits to business with limited reliance on legacy infrastructure. We’ve designed trading and risk engines, digitisation and tokenisation of assets, integrated ledgers and authorisation systems with regulatory framework and data resilience at its core.

Infrastructure components for front end
client services and back office 

Our modular solutions are built on API’s and microsystem architecture providing scalability and economic benefits to business with limited reliance on legacy infrastructure.





Financial Instruments

Our proprietary technology enables traditional underlying securities to be tokenised and issued as financial instruments in accordance with MIFID II regulations. This digital capability provides a number of benefits to customers as well as business.

Fractional Trading

Fractional trading is growing rapidly whilst new retail customers look to access financial markets and investment products. Breaking down barriers. Make capital markets accessible to customers with the ability to buy, sell and trade fractional exposure to securities.





24/7 Capital Market Access

Control is key for customers, especially when it comes to finances. Through the deployment of digitally enabled eco systems and trading environments customers can access global capital markets 24/7 by removing the reliance on traditional trading hours and access channels.





Integrated Payments

Customers are driven by ease of use, we live in lazy economy, our platform has been designed with customer experience at the forefront of or design. Our three click payment technology enables customers to exit positions in any security directly over payment network rails improving quality of service and user experience.





Treasury and Ledgers

Fully integrated ledger and treasury solutions with embedded smart contract technology enabling real time trade enriched reporting, MIS and automated reconciliation. A significant portion of resource in financial institutions is invested in reconciliation of multiple independent systems. Our treasury systems provide significant savings to business through automation and real-time functionality.





White Label

Bespoke front-end and back office solutions tailored to your business needs and customer requirements. A range of modular components including mobile applications, on-boarding services and web interfaces that are can be configured to meet the specifics of your functional design.

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