Audibility, Immutability
and  Enhanced Risk-

Technology built to enhance transaction processing
in real-time whilst supporting condu
ct culture. 



Maximising workflow efficiencies and
enriching back office systems

Constrained by legacy technology which can be duplicative and often both divided and disconnected, businesses run the risk of being under equipped to deal with the formal regulatory requirements to which they must adhere.

In addition to traditional KYC and AML requirements, regulation has shifted towards voluminous real-time transaction and economic data reporting. Moreover, the ability to understand who is transacting – and why – and making decisions in real time based on compliance policies and risk assessment is fundamental for businesses to both mitigate fraud and effectively benchmark institutional conscience and behaviour.


Five Islands has utilised it’s blockchain technology
to enhance transaction processing in real-time as
well as to support conduct culture. 

The combination of our teams’ experience in managing compliance and regulatory teams across financial services coupled with our innovative know-your-transaction technology, allows us to contribute data to every transaction for audibility, immutability and enhanced risk management.

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